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CURSE YOU, SOCRATES!! [14 Sep 2006|11:12pm]
[ mood | BaNaNaS... ]

OMG, I should've even be updating right now, but I'm SO BORED OUT OF MY MIND!! @\___/@
Socrates is such a whore! I cant stand philosophy, especially not at no 8:30 in the morning. >_<;;;
I hate this class. Plus, Im kinda down. Just a tad.

I miss my friends and I wanna meet up with Chris. I'm quite confused about that, too. I wont put my PERSONAL personal shit on this silly thing, but Im just so confused.


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Set phasers on shitty... [06 Sep 2006|09:40pm]
[ mood | Battery low ]

I'm back... Not int he best of moods for obvious reasons.
I miss my buddies. Ash is so far away. Mike's... well, Mike calls me every chance he gets. O_o; SOOOO, not much to miss, frankly. But all my juniors and sophmores and those random freshman I left behind! ;-;

Not to mention the obvious bouts of shittiness brought on by the usual suspects.
Made lots of new friends, though. FCLC is tre cool, and I'm starting to get my college legs (no, not the freshman 15; I'm still rather slender thanks. I meant like getting one's "sea legs". It's an expression. -.- Shut up.) I shall introduce:

Luisa- Feminist, art history buff, and my personal escort about the campus (first time I WASNT the man! O_O).

Lima (Chelsea)- Green-haired sweet heart who's everything I'd be were it not for catholic school and the republican party. Loves fantasy books and carries a carrot in her cow-bag ^_^

Dan- NeO!! He's in the f*ckin' Matrix! Seriously. Looks just like Neo, never takes his sunglasses off, and is the first gamer I met at FCLC. A big softy.


Jeffery, Andy, and Tommy- ... dun know too much about them yet. o_o But they let me hug them, and they're ka-yooooot. e_e

So there you are. College is going pretty well. I'll try to keep you all updated... all four of you. -__-+

Oh. Yeah. Today was our 11 month anniversary. **confetti**
Fuck. Where's my pint of rocky road...?

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SWEET MOTHER OF MYSTERY!! [20 Jul 2006|10:16pm]
[ mood | The colors! ]

DEAR LORD!! Sandra?! On her Livejournal?! UPDATING!! It's the Apocolypse! Office products falling from the sky! ((eight cookie points to whoever can tell me where that quote's from))

Yes, dearies. I'm alive. To anyone who even bothers to read my LJ, please... please... be patience on the myspace end. It's all screwy for me and I'm not interested enough in the internet to care. It's not YOU GUYS. It's Bill Gates.

I'll try harder. But this brain is giving out on me. Ii cant remeber I have all these things. ;-; Cut Sandy some slack, huh?

Well, what's been going down? My baby's got a job at Pathmark as a would-be-baker-thingy and I just lurve it. Still no job. Working for my dad (remodeling the house and such). Possible tennis lessons. Possible art classes. Fordham at LC is fulla white people. And I'm trying to understand why the underclassmen I left behind are being so fucking weird. (A selcet few of you, darlings. I'm just mad at the ACTIONS of a particular group for a specific reason. If you have no clue what I could mean, it's definately not you. ^_^ I love everyone.)

.... Seriously. EVERYONE. Even your momma. o\_/o Ou, and tell her I say HI.

Nuttin much else. Yup. Summer-tastic!!

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[24 Feb 2006|03:04pm]
[ mood | emo ]

MerenwenAnaron: I went to a 99 cent store to buy an oaktag. While in the school supply section, I saw a bautiful silver gift box as big as my foot. I picked it up and opened it, eager to see what was inside. And there laid a second boxm smaller than the first and golden. I found it even more adorable and so I lifted the lid to see what was inside. I was greeted with a third box, even smaller than the last, and blue. I was slightly surprised, but curious nonetheless. Off came that lid. Inside was a fourth box, tiny and red. I was vexed and intriqued all at once, I had to open it. Perhapsit was a micrcosm of our universe. A series of tinnier and tinnier boxes that never depleted itself. Then I opened the red lid... The box was empty.

It was at this time that I realized some one had just played an insedious joke on me, for I had just wasted a minute of my insignificantly brief lifetime opening boxes.

I ended up getting some ice cream.

My family is slowly dying. All around me, I see nothing but withering old fat clumps of humanity, scrounging about and blindly bumping into each other and prattling on or shrieking about one thing or another...

... got into Pace ^__^

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Twelve reasons not to destroy him! ^_^ [15 Feb 2006|08:48pm]
[ mood | Stiiill lovely!! ]

OMG, Valentine's Day PWN'D!!! ^___^

My sweety pie, shugah pants, apple dumpling... somefin somefin... was like out of a story book yesterday @_@ He got me ROSES!! ONE DOZEN RED ROSES!!! My FIRST boquet!! They stand on my dresser as though it were a shrine to them.

I nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to find out what to wear. But it all worked out for the best. ^_~ I like my snake skin sweater. And my black skirt with the slits down the side caused an upset wif Ms. Steves. e_e so all is well..

We spent the whole day being touchy feely and it was splendid. Simply splendid...

Until f***** bald headed tyrant of DOOM came by with his play practice of misery and torment and slaughtered all the innocent villagers of Happiness...

EMO SANDRA!! GET BACK IN YOUR CAGE! >O Anyway, Im still high as a kite. I cant even focus on my math class. Wait... I never could. x.x Plus I got a sweet candygram out of it too. ^^

Le sigh... I guess I better soak all this happy up while I can. English AP looms over my brain like a vulture.. I best get back to work. NYAH XP

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Splendor me. SPLENDOR ME HARD! [14 Feb 2006|12:07am]
[ mood | Lovely! ]

Tee-hee! It's that time of year again. The time where I normally sulk Charlie Brown status about how much my love life sucks and mope as happy love birds snuggle and spew kissy kissy goo goo drivel infront of my sad, lonesome countanence....


I'm kinda nervous. I bought my sweety pie,sugah-pants, apple-dumpling... somefin somefin (and YES that is his new nickname. We decided that at Cafe Spellman ^__^) something I HOPE he likes. Not gonna be stupid and post what it is, of course. If you're interested, just IM me u lazy bums. But Im unsure. Im not very video game savy and I dont want to get him something he already has, doesn't like, or will get tired of in five minutes. So, I got him a couple of things. *shrug* Supposedly he's getting me something spectacular on Saturday and Im nearly weeing myself in anticipation cause EVERYONE (and I do mean everyone) knows about it. XP

Im making progress with my oragami cranes!

Candygrams..... Ughh... I only bought one obvious one. DOnt have the moeny to spend of all my friends anymore. I seriously dont. I mean, after four years, if you still need me to send you a piece of candy tied to a card to know how much I love anc cherish you, then you're not a very good friend now are you? o_O; I'll be sure to hug and kiss and wish you a blessed Vday tomorrow, that is certain. If I didn't, that'd be bitch-like. But dont belly ache to me about how you dont have a candy gram. TRUST me. I know what it feels like. But know that I love each and every one of you to phatoms I cannot possibly describe in words. You're all the reason why I havent love my mind yet.. entirely..


Anyway. Have a great Vday, my dears. **ULTRA MWAHS!!**

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Oragami [12 Feb 2006|07:44pm]
[ mood | Has anyone seen mah face? ]



My butt hurts like hell >< **jogs in place a while** F*cking reclining chair...

This was a perfectly wasted Sunday ^^ But the snow was pretty, huh? ^^

Oh! Before I forget.... I learned how to make oragami cranes with one hand! ^^

... Bye!

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Im cold, damn it! [08 Feb 2006|06:10pm]
[ mood | PAINT CHIPS! ]

Why?! We were having nice 40-ish days!! Now its back to the stupid freeze-my-ass-off 30's. >_< My winter coat's falling apart.

My apple-dumplin' sugar plump ashes got first place in the Shakespear competition today. ^^ Everyone applaaaude...


Great. ^_^ I won third place and am quite content with waving it around like a mock-penis.

Im gonna try to update this silly thing more than one a century now that I have some freed up time. Not much happens thats terribly interesting in my life though. Yes, yes, as devestating as it sounds, I'm simply just not up to the helter scelter life of yester year... I seriously want some extra cash, though. Money's always good. I got like 27 bucks to give up to dance shoes, another 200 for costumes, another x amount for... stuff.. **looks around** ... Just stuff... >< Lemme 'lone.

Chris has been driving me NUTZ! >_O;; But everyone keeps telling me it's gonna pay off with his present for saint V day. I'm all in a twitter in anticipation. He can be a butt-head, yes.. But for the time remaining, he's my butt-head and a relatively cutie-pie one at that... ^_^

Stop lying to yourself, Sandra... ._. Love is a sardonic reel of unrequited pain and suffering on a darker, even more dismal planet...

**gasp!** Emo Sandra!! Who let you out of your cage?! O__O

You should know I can never be defeated by mere bars of cardboard and styrafoam... -_- *sigh* Prepare to die...

NEVAAAH! **punt!**

Oh noooo.... **flies away**

..... Well that was a waste of internet time. And key pressing. O_o Have a splendiforous day! Ou! And check out the hottie in my new icon ^_^ Quicksilver remains mah shit.

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Put a water gun to my skull and pull the trigger... NOW. [29 Dec 2005|05:57pm]
[ mood | WHERES MY PIE?! ]

Play practice, not two, but THREE (count 'em) THREE days in a row!! YAAAAAY!!! Can I get a grunt of exhaustion?! **grunt grunt** HOO-HAA!

Wow. ^^ Im like in 5 scenes now. Im so pleased with myself. Cant wait to see what my uniform of drudgery looks like! A rough sum of my measurements for all you pervs out there:

36 (FINALLY! ><)
40 (P.R. HIPS, sucka!! >P)

If I could, I would buy the world a puppy. One puppy. Then see howmuch they fuck it up. Just so I can laugh at them. XP St00pid.

God I love my mother. I really do, no sarcasm.
But since liking is not the same as loving, I also DESTEST her to the core at times. What whimsical rage wells up in me.

MerenwenAnaron: She swears up and down that he and I are going off cavorting every time I step out of the house. It's sickening. She flips when Im on the phone foreer (which is understandable) but when I tell the truth, that it's mike AND chris on the phone, she bitches to me and says not to use Mike as a cover up.
PainfulPoison: wow
PainfulPoison: that's um
PainfulPoison: just a tad insane
MerenwenAnaron: She's limited me to a 12:00 curfue for the phone. She never believes me when Im telling her Im with you or mike or ANYONE else, she swears it's chris.
PainfulPoison: well shit, she can talk to me next time we're on the phone T_T
MerenwenAnaron: She rants about how she's not gonna let me destroy everything SHE'S worked so hard for, everthing SHE'S built up till this point. Just so I can go "fuck it all up with some ************".
PainfulPoison: you're not a fucking building, you're a person everything that you are is because you made yourself that way, not her
MerenwenAnaron: I pretty much cant "date" him in terms of us going somewhere unless there are other ppl around that I can use as an excuse.
MerenwenAnaron: And the movies?! HAAAAAA!
MerenwenAnaron: Yeah, I know -.-
MerenwenAnaron: And I've been nothing if not the perfect daughter in terms of not going behind her back and screwing or some shit.
PainfulPoison: yea I mean if I had a daughter I'd pray that she'd be like you
MerenwenAnaron: I've only snuck over to his place twice out of frustration. And you know what we do? PLAY VIDEO GAMES!!!! >__<
MerenwenAnaron: And just to slap a big ol' cherry on the top, Im pretty sure my dad's not too crazy about it either. Nor my granny. God, ash, if you could just HEAR her. I dont get mad anymore. I LAUGH. I fucking LAUGH. Cause it truly is sad. It makes me see how disgusting she looks. All yellow, fat, puffed up, and dried out. God help me, but she's a failure. And that's why she's so adiment (sp?) in keeping me from being like that. But CHRIST, she's a failure.

And I meant it. ^_^

Well, I'll end this with a few words of truth.

I love my new Invader Zim dvd (ashwey!), being a slave kicks a lil' bit of tushy, fudge is yummy, my computer farts on you, Chris is my sweet sweet man hoe, and I love my 36" boobie line ^_^

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HOROMONES!! >_< NEEEEE!!! [19 Dec 2005|02:42pm]
[ mood | Touch me. NOW. ]

Oh God. I LOVE the last couple days of my mensy. ^///^ I feel so sexy and .... Mmmm... **sprays Axe all over herself**

O___O Shit... Lemme stop. Baby Jesus doesn't need to know that.

I watched the pink candle being lit on Sunday. I love the pink one. It's so pretty. I hope my whole buying gifts situation works out. >_< Since when did Christmas get to bs so fucking complicated? And expensive?! I feel like getting everyone a cookie and just getting it over with. Nearly 100 dollars in gifts and Im STILL not done shopping! >O I just want everyone to love each other for Christ mas. Is that so wrong? ;-;

But yah... Party on Friday, wee! @_@ Knowing Linda, she'll probably be all reclusive if I bring her. But she'll be gone after the summer, alllll the way in Indian. Le sigh... But, she's so smart. So much money. I WANT THAT KINDA MONEY FOR COLLEGE! >O<

Yeah... outside of the fact that my mensy is making me feel muy randy and cuddly... nothing of any importance to rant or celebrate. Wow. mondays are so shitty. XP

**buys honey, chocalte syrup, whipped cream, and cherries** If you'll all excuse me, I must go nurture my feminen side... by making a banana split, of course!! What else would I need all this sensual food for?!!!!! ^_________^ Being an abstinant catholic is AWESOME!!!!!!

BELEEHEEEEHHHAAAAAAA!!! **blows up a mini mart** @___@

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Eh...? How the hell did I get HERE? [13 Dec 2005|02:32pm]
[ mood | WTF IS WRONG WIF YOU?! ]

... Interesting. I've landed on Myspa- .. What? Oh. Sorry. Live Journal. Right. I've landed on LJ and have not a clue what the flock Im doing. I don't like writing about my life, internet or otherwise. However, I don't have any problem writing about random crap that I find to be particularly hilarious or otherwise puzzling.

Stressed is everywhere I turn with these obnoxious college apps floating around my face. Then everyone else around me is all pissy cause of their problems, newspaper's been a whore to get started, and I feel unneccesarily lonesome. Simultaneous periods are upon us, bitches! REPENT!! REPENT YE OF ACCRUSED PENISES... Penisi? What's the lural of penis anyway? Did I een spell that right? Kinda loos like "pepsi" if I squint...

New glasses on the 30th, WOO! ^^

OMG, I wnat Christmas to get here so BAD!! I want presents!! I want to see the look on ppls faces when they get theres! I wanna eat gingy bwead cookies and egg nog!!! NOOOOOOG!!!!!!! I wanna decorate the tree!!!! I wanna see snow! LOTSA SNOW, GOD! CHRISTMAS IS GONA RULE!!!! OMG!!!!

...Well, that got me emotionally pumped 12% more than where I was two minutes ago... Mind over matter, baby.

So... I'm here... Still dont see what the whoop is about. where all mah peeps at? **goes searching around with a riffle**

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