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Im cold, damn it!

Why?! We were having nice 40-ish days!! Now its back to the stupid freeze-my-ass-off 30's. >_< My winter coat's falling apart.

My apple-dumplin' sugar plump ashes got first place in the Shakespear competition today. ^^ Everyone applaaaude...


Great. ^_^ I won third place and am quite content with waving it around like a mock-penis.

Im gonna try to update this silly thing more than one a century now that I have some freed up time. Not much happens thats terribly interesting in my life though. Yes, yes, as devestating as it sounds, I'm simply just not up to the helter scelter life of yester year... I seriously want some extra cash, though. Money's always good. I got like 27 bucks to give up to dance shoes, another 200 for costumes, another x amount for... stuff.. **looks around** ... Just stuff... >< Lemme 'lone.

Chris has been driving me NUTZ! >_O;; But everyone keeps telling me it's gonna pay off with his present for saint V day. I'm all in a twitter in anticipation. He can be a butt-head, yes.. But for the time remaining, he's my butt-head and a relatively cutie-pie one at that... ^_^

Stop lying to yourself, Sandra... ._. Love is a sardonic reel of unrequited pain and suffering on a darker, even more dismal planet...

**gasp!** Emo Sandra!! Who let you out of your cage?! O__O

You should know I can never be defeated by mere bars of cardboard and styrafoam... -_- *sigh* Prepare to die...

NEVAAAH! **punt!**

Oh noooo.... **flies away**

..... Well that was a waste of internet time. And key pressing. O_o Have a splendiforous day! Ou! And check out the hottie in my new icon ^_^ Quicksilver remains mah shit.
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