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Twelve reasons not to destroy him! ^_^

OMG, Valentine's Day PWN'D!!! ^___^

My sweety pie, shugah pants, apple dumpling... somefin somefin... was like out of a story book yesterday @_@ He got me ROSES!! ONE DOZEN RED ROSES!!! My FIRST boquet!! They stand on my dresser as though it were a shrine to them.

I nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to find out what to wear. But it all worked out for the best. ^_~ I like my snake skin sweater. And my black skirt with the slits down the side caused an upset wif Ms. Steves. e_e so all is well..

We spent the whole day being touchy feely and it was splendid. Simply splendid...

Until f***** bald headed tyrant of DOOM came by with his play practice of misery and torment and slaughtered all the innocent villagers of Happiness...

EMO SANDRA!! GET BACK IN YOUR CAGE! >O Anyway, Im still high as a kite. I cant even focus on my math class. Wait... I never could. x.x Plus I got a sweet candygram out of it too. ^^

Le sigh... I guess I better soak all this happy up while I can. English AP looms over my brain like a vulture.. I best get back to work. NYAH XP
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