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Oh God. I LOVE the last couple days of my mensy. ^///^ I feel so sexy and .... Mmmm... **sprays Axe all over herself**

O___O Shit... Lemme stop. Baby Jesus doesn't need to know that.

I watched the pink candle being lit on Sunday. I love the pink one. It's so pretty. I hope my whole buying gifts situation works out. >_< Since when did Christmas get to bs so fucking complicated? And expensive?! I feel like getting everyone a cookie and just getting it over with. Nearly 100 dollars in gifts and Im STILL not done shopping! >O I just want everyone to love each other for Christ mas. Is that so wrong? ;-;

But yah... Party on Friday, wee! @_@ Knowing Linda, she'll probably be all reclusive if I bring her. But she'll be gone after the summer, alllll the way in Indian. Le sigh... But, she's so smart. So much money. I WANT THAT KINDA MONEY FOR COLLEGE! >O<

Yeah... outside of the fact that my mensy is making me feel muy randy and cuddly... nothing of any importance to rant or celebrate. Wow. mondays are so shitty. XP

**buys honey, chocalte syrup, whipped cream, and cherries** If you'll all excuse me, I must go nurture my feminen side... by making a banana split, of course!! What else would I need all this sensual food for?!!!!! ^_________^ Being an abstinant catholic is AWESOME!!!!!!

BELEEHEEEEHHHAAAAAAA!!! **blows up a mini mart** @___@
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