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MerenwenAnaron: I went to a 99 cent store to buy an oaktag. While in the school supply section, I saw a bautiful silver gift box as big as my foot. I picked it up and opened it, eager to see what was inside. And there laid a second boxm smaller than the first and golden. I found it even more adorable and so I lifted the lid to see what was inside. I was greeted with a third box, even smaller than the last, and blue. I was slightly surprised, but curious nonetheless. Off came that lid. Inside was a fourth box, tiny and red. I was vexed and intriqued all at once, I had to open it. Perhapsit was a micrcosm of our universe. A series of tinnier and tinnier boxes that never depleted itself. Then I opened the red lid... The box was empty.

It was at this time that I realized some one had just played an insedious joke on me, for I had just wasted a minute of my insignificantly brief lifetime opening boxes.

I ended up getting some ice cream.

My family is slowly dying. All around me, I see nothing but withering old fat clumps of humanity, scrounging about and blindly bumping into each other and prattling on or shrieking about one thing or another...

... got into Pace ^__^
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