crystalinewaltz (crystalinewaltz) wrote,


DEAR LORD!! Sandra?! On her Livejournal?! UPDATING!! It's the Apocolypse! Office products falling from the sky! ((eight cookie points to whoever can tell me where that quote's from))

Yes, dearies. I'm alive. To anyone who even bothers to read my LJ, please... please... be patience on the myspace end. It's all screwy for me and I'm not interested enough in the internet to care. It's not YOU GUYS. It's Bill Gates.

I'll try harder. But this brain is giving out on me. Ii cant remeber I have all these things. ;-; Cut Sandy some slack, huh?

Well, what's been going down? My baby's got a job at Pathmark as a would-be-baker-thingy and I just lurve it. Still no job. Working for my dad (remodeling the house and such). Possible tennis lessons. Possible art classes. Fordham at LC is fulla white people. And I'm trying to understand why the underclassmen I left behind are being so fucking weird. (A selcet few of you, darlings. I'm just mad at the ACTIONS of a particular group for a specific reason. If you have no clue what I could mean, it's definately not you. ^_^ I love everyone.)

.... Seriously. EVERYONE. Even your momma. o\_/o Ou, and tell her I say HI.

Nuttin much else. Yup. Summer-tastic!!
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