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Eh...? How the hell did I get HERE?

... Interesting. I've landed on Myspa- .. What? Oh. Sorry. Live Journal. Right. I've landed on LJ and have not a clue what the flock Im doing. I don't like writing about my life, internet or otherwise. However, I don't have any problem writing about random crap that I find to be particularly hilarious or otherwise puzzling.

Stressed is everywhere I turn with these obnoxious college apps floating around my face. Then everyone else around me is all pissy cause of their problems, newspaper's been a whore to get started, and I feel unneccesarily lonesome. Simultaneous periods are upon us, bitches! REPENT!! REPENT YE OF ACCRUSED PENISES... Penisi? What's the lural of penis anyway? Did I een spell that right? Kinda loos like "pepsi" if I squint...

New glasses on the 30th, WOO! ^^

OMG, I wnat Christmas to get here so BAD!! I want presents!! I want to see the look on ppls faces when they get theres! I wanna eat gingy bwead cookies and egg nog!!! NOOOOOOG!!!!!!! I wanna decorate the tree!!!! I wanna see snow! LOTSA SNOW, GOD! CHRISTMAS IS GONA RULE!!!! OMG!!!!

...Well, that got me emotionally pumped 12% more than where I was two minutes ago... Mind over matter, baby.

So... I'm here... Still dont see what the whoop is about. where all mah peeps at? **goes searching around with a riffle**
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